Bubble Shooter is one of the most entertaining mobile games available on the market (and I say “on the market”, but it is actually free!).  It is a combination of shooting mechanics with puzzle-solving gameplay; basically you shoot colorful bubbles at other colorful bubbles in order to solve the puzzle of “what is the minimum number of shots I can take in order to beat this particular level?”  It is a simple formula, and yet it works.

Along with its design elements, Bubble Shooter has some nice, minimalist yet charming visuals.  The colors pop without being too gaudy, and the audio cues are an interesting choice.  It is as if the developers truly went out to make Bubble Wrap:  The Game.  And I must say, they actually did it – in fact, perhaps a little too well. Bubble Shooter, like bubble wrap, has that incredible, inexplicable power to make you want to pop bubbles and keep you wanting to pop bubbles until the hours just fly by. And if this is the sort of gameplay experience you want, then by all means, grab it!

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